“You decide to pass the ball to Carmelo Anthony?”

NBA and Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James and his comparison with Michael Jordan was once again pointed out. This came after the former came under immense criticism after his performance by lui against the Houston Rockets. His Lakers by him incurred another loss in this tumultuous campaign.

On ESPN’s morning radio show Keyshawn, JWill and Max, former NBA player Jay Williams spoke about how frustrating it was to watch LeBron James. The superstar chose to pass the ball on the final possession of the game in regular time to Carmelo Anthony instead of attacking the rim and trying to score.

Williams spoke about the constant comparisons with Michael Jordan and it is plays like these that will be held against him. Williams said:

“The thing I’m hottest about is that I fight every single day because I think LeBron James is the greatest player of all time, him Michael Jordan, but see like last night, for LeBron James to have a triple-double.”

“I know he’s tired playing 45 minutes, but you have a chance to bully your man to the rim and finish the game in regulation, but you decide to pass the ball to Carmelo Anthony? I want to quit the argument.”

However, Williams also spoke about how much King James is having to do for the team to scrape away with a win as these are the kind of performances the fans are accustomed to seeing in the NBA Finals and not in a regular season game fighting for a spot in the postseason. Williams said:

“The last time LeBron has taken 31 shots and 13 free throw attempts was 2015 and my man was 30 in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. So, you combine that with him playing 45 minutes last night, you’re asking LeBron James, in March, to give me NBA Finals Game 2 type of performances and effort, in March, to fight for 9 or 10th seed. “

The constant comparison between Michael Jordan and LeBron James

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The game was also played in a completely different way, as today’s NBA is more three-point oriented. Whereas the former Chicago Bulls superstar played at a time when most of the damage was done inside the arc.

While we will never truly and definitively know who the better player is, it is an interesting conversation to have. It is one that piques the interest of NBA fans all around the globe as everybody seems to be able to make a case for why their favorite player is the greatest of all time.

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