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The Gonzaga University women’s tennis team (8-14, 2-7 West Coast Conference) won by a score of 5-2 against the University of Portland Pilots (6-14, 1-8 WCC) on senior day.

The match started at on court one where Frederikke Svarre and Jenna Sloan had a 2-1 lead after the first three sets. Svarre would then hit an incredible volley shot that hit the corner to give GU the 3-1 lead. The Pilots would try to make a comeback as they won three straight sets to take a 4-3 lead but their match went unfinished.

On court two, Cate Broerman and Kianna Oda got an early 1-0 lead in the set thanks to a volley shot from Oda to end the set. They were able to keep their momentum as well as they got to an early 3-0 lead. The Zags would then win three straight as they won the match 6-0 and were the first to finish in doubles.

And lastly, but certainly not least was court three as Adrianna Sosnowska and Tiegan Aitken were down 1-0. However, the Zags were able to gain the lead after an alley shot by Aitken which gave them the 3-2 lead. GU would then win three out of the next four sets and would win 6-3 thanks to some incredible shots.

Sosnowska and Aitken were also the second duo to finish and their win gave the Zags a 1-0 lead over the Pilots after doubles.

Next would be singles, and Broerman would take on Pilots’ Iva Zelic on court one. Broerman started off fast as she got an early 3-0 lead. And like her doubles match di lei, she would sweep as she finished the day with a 6-0 win as Zelic forfeited the match which extended the Zags’ lead 2-0.

On court two, Sloan was taking on Portland’s Sally Pethybridge. Sloan would lose lose as the Pilots gained their first win and points as the score was 2-1.

On court six, Portland’s Angela Schuster faced Aitken. The pair battled hard as Schuster won the first set 6-3, but Aitken was able to rebound and get the win in the second set with a score of 6-1. The third set was grueling but Aitken won 7-6 as she was all over the court and hustling.

This win would give GU their third point and make it a 3-1 game.

On court four, Portland’s Aleks Dimitrijevic faced Svarre and this was another close match, especially in the first set but Svarre was able to win the first set with a 6-3 score. Dimitrijevic was able to recover and win a close second set 6-4. Svarre was able to come up clutch and close the match with a score 6-3 and gave the Zags their 4-1 lead.

“Freddie did a really good job of clenching her last match and she was big today”, said GU Head Coach Natalie Pluskota-Hamberg. “Lei She had held her own di lei throughout the match, lei was tough the whole day and she did a really good job of fighting today.”

Oda was happy to see Svarre, a senior, get a win on senior day.

“I thought it was an amazing way to end the season that Freddie got a win on senior day,” said Oda. “And after she got that win, we could feel the energy and fight come back up and everyone felt it across the courts.”

On court three, Pilots’ Rimona Rouf was taking on Sosnowska who would take a 2-1 lead thanks to an ace that finished the 40-30 set. But Rouf would walk away with a win in the first set with a score of 7-5. Sosnowska rebounded and was able to win the second set with a 6-3 score. In the third set, it looked bad for Sosnowska as she was down 3-0 at one point, but she came roaring back and tied the set 4-4. Unfortunately for Sosnowska, she wasn’t able to close it as Rouf won the match 6-4.

This gave the Pilots their second score and made the game 4-2.

On court five, Pilots’ Jana Tanevska played Oda as the first set went to Tanevska as she played well and hit tough shots against Oda. But Oda would answer back as she won four straight sets to gain a 4-1 lead. Tanesska wouldn’t go down without a fight as she would tie the set 5-5. They would eventually tie again at 6-6 and would have to play a tiebreaker. Luckily Oda would win the tiebreaker 7-4 and win the first set.

Tanevska came back though and won the second set 6-1. As the third was set to start and it was another tough one. As both players were fighting and the score ended in another tie but Oda was able to outlast Tanevska and win the match.

GU won with a score of 5-2

This was the last season and home for the Zags this season as they finished the year eighth in the WCC.

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