What Happens If My Golf Ball Is In A Flooded Bunker?

After a heavy downpour, bunkers on the golf course can sometimes become partially or completely flooded. It may well be possible for play to recommend before the water in the bunkers has receded. That leaves open the possibility of your ball landing in a bunker that’s waterlogged What do you do if that happens?

Taking relief from partially flooded bunker

It may be possible that you can take free relief from a flooded area in a bunker. This is covered in the Rules under Rule 16.1c covering interference from an abnormal course condition on the course – in this case the abnormal course condition would be water. If your ball has come to rest in a flooded section of bunker but there is an area of ​​un-flooded bunker not nearer the hole, you can take free relief. the ball must be dropped in the bunker.

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