Watford mum ‘pushed off Arriva bus by driver’ slams services

A mum claims she was “physically pushed off the bus” by a driver after passengers waiting for over an hour were refused entry.

Harriet Mitchell branded Watford bus services a “disgrace” and shared a clip of a large crowd that had waited in the rain rowing with a driver.

She said Arriva’s number 10 and 20 route is regularly late and crammed when it arrives, but at 4pm on Monday three buses failed to turn up in a row.

When the fourth finally came the driver allegedly refused to accept passengers.

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Ms Mitchell said: “I could see there were some seats and standing room and I tried to get on but he pushed me and shut the doors on a sleeping two-year-old’s buggy.”

The single mum added that she has to use the bus for the school run because she suffers from arthritis and other health conditions.

“There were about 40 people waiting but he said it was a school bus,” she claimed. “He was just making it up.”

In a clip posted on social media, another woman can be heard pointing at an adult passenger shouting “he’s not a school child, you are a liar”.

Watford Observer: The bus station in Watford High StreetThe bus station in Watford High Street (Image: Holly Cant)

Many other people in the crowd can also be heard yelling at the driver at once.

One person points out that a child who had waited for the bus can be seen crying.

Ms Mitchell claimed she met a woman on the next service who was nine months’ pregnant and had been refused entry to the bus at the hospital.

Arriva has said it is investigating the complaints and will be reviewing CCTV as part of the process.

Watford Observer: The bus station in Watford High StreetThe bus station in Watford High Street (Image: Holly Cant)

Ms Mitchell also shared another video of a bus dropping passengers off before the stop and then driving past people waiting.

The complaints come as other parents have hit out over the number 10 and 20 buses.

Another mum, Anna Luna, said the same service is late three or four times a week and sometimes forces her daughter to walk 50 minutes in the rain.

“It has not been showing up on time since school has started,” she said.

“It’s irresponsible for a child to be standing out in the dark by the road without shelter.”

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