This made my day: Woman treats migrant workers to bubble tea after seeing them help cyclist who fell, Singapore News

Migrant workers lead a hard life, but that didn’t stop a group of them from lending a helping hand to someone in need.

After witnessing this, Mellisa Abdullah, 27, decided to pay it forward by rewarding the men with some bubble tea.

In a TikTok video published yesterday (Nov 23), Mellisa, who was watching them from a distance that afternoon, shared that she saw a man suddenly fall off his bicycle.

Upon seeing this, several other workers “scrambled to help him up”, she recounted. According to the clip, the men were working along Jurong West Ave 4.

Touched by the act, Mellisa ordered and distributed several cups of bubble tea to them to “show [her] love for their kindness”.

“Every act of kindness creates a ripple with no end,” she said.

Speaking to AsiaOne, Mellisa shared that she had grown up watching her mother perform similar acts of kindness for migrant workers.

“She was the one who taught me to share what we have with those who have less than us,” Mellisa said, adding that her mother used to stock up on drinks and buns at home to pass to migrant workers who were washing their HDB block. .

This isn’t the first time Mellisa has extended a helping hand to others either. She’d previously worked for a non-profit organization that helps not just migrant workers, but also youths at risk and elderly people with dementia.

“Buying drinks and food for them is a common thing for me if I’m honest,” she confessed.


Grew up watching my mum did the same exact thing for our migrant workers 💕 #fypsg #sgtiktok

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Warmed by the entire scenario, netizens flocked to the comments section to praise Mellisa.

Several of them also shared their own acts of kindness, not just towards migrant workers, but others too.


However, some have questioned Mellisa’s act of kindness.

In an Instagram story uploaded today, Mellisa shared that several people had asked her where she is getting the money to help these migrant workers as she is currently unemployed.

“Yes, I did buy 12 bubble teas for [the migrant workers]but it only cost me $50.”

“Some of you are willing to drop $200 on a pair of shoes. I’m not that person, I only spent $50 yesterday to buy 12 bubble teas and I can do it three more times to make it $200, which is the price of your shoes,” she rationalized.

Show our migrant workers some love

Last July, a man also doled out drinks to migrant workers, but for a different reason.

He had noticed that the weather was extremely hot and wanted to treat them to drinks from Starbucks.

Sighing in satisfaction after tasting the drink, one of the men said it helped cool him on that hot day, while another said the drink tasted nice.

In a separate incident during Chinese New Year this year, another woman decided to spread the festive cheer by donating some of her unopened new year goodies to several migrant workers.

While they had initially seemed a bit hesitant, they eventually warmed up to her upon seeing the bag of snacks.

“It thrills me to see how such a small gesture was more than sufficient to light up happy faces,” she shared, encouraging others to do so.

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