The Red Bull Racing Show Delivers Burnouts, Stunts, And Screaming Engines

In Serbia, we like to say it will rain or snow when something unexpected happens. As F1 arrived at our capital this month after 83 years, we were not surprised that the sky opened up and the rain poured down, much like in an apocalypse. Yet, wet and cold to the bones, we welcomed the Red Bull Racing Show Run with extreme excitement.

Even the most avid F1 fans may not know that Serbia hosted the Belgrade Grand Prix back in 1939 when the country was a part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Fast-forward to 2022, and the capital of Serbia once again heard the thunderous sound of the F1 race car roaming around the city.

The Red Bull Racing team put on quite a show on the 17th of September, and HotCars was there to record it. The Show Run was far from a Grand Prix, but it allowed us to see some big names riding thrilling vehicles — and it was spectacular. With David Coulthard behind the F1 car, Driftbrothers (Elias and Johannes Hountondji) in their BMW M4 rides, and Arūnas Gibieža on his bike, Red Bull showed us just how skillful its stars are.

The best thing is that you can see and experience this yourself — and we don’t mean it solely in our photos. The Red Bull Racing team will continue to organize these kinds of events globally, so the next one may even be in your city.

Is it worth visiting the Red Bull Racing show, and what to expect from it? Learn all the juicy details by taking a ride through Belgrade’s Red Bull event with us.

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Red Bull Racing Legend David Coulthard Takes Sebastian Vettel’s Victorious RB7 For A Spin

The V8’s loud, clear, and absolutely wonderful sound enriched Belgrade to the absolute amazement of the public, and it was David Coulthard (known as DC) who sat behind the steering wheel. F1 fans know this name very well, as Coulthard competed in 15 F1 seasons and took 13 victories between 1994 and 2008. Previously driving for Williams and McLaren, he moved to Red Bull in 2005 and stayed with the brand as a consultant even after retiring in 2008.

But as people like to say, once a racer always a racer, and David Coulthard still likes to sit in an F1 car and take it for a spin. We saw him take great pleasure in driving through the streets of Belgrade, and though he couldn’t release the full potential of the RB7 (yes, Vettel’s ride), it was clear he had loads of fun.

Driving longer than initially planned, Coulthard zoomed right before our cameras (much to this author’s excitement) and had Patrick Friesacher join him with another F1 car.

So, if you’re wondering whether it’s worth attending a show that’s not quite a race, we say yes, most certainly. Hearing the F1 race car zoom past you is a thrilling experience, and we recommend taking a spot right on the fence by the track curve for the best view. Though, you may also want to bring ear protection.

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Red Bull Driftbrothers Spice Things Up With Their Twin BMW M4 Rides

Famous Red Bull Driftbrothers, Elias and Johannes Hountondji, made a spectacular show just as F1 racers. As the name suggests, the brothers are experts in the world of drifting, and we’ve got a chance to see them combine speed, agility, and performance driving on an extremely wet track.

Although the brothers put only one of their 1,040-hp BMW M4 rides out on the road, the experience was still stunning. They took turns to drift and even made a game out of it. While the older brother was out and filming, the younger brother drifted around him, not letting him enter the car. It goes without saying that the public was ecstatic.

Of course, the super loud cracking exhaust sound, the squeak of the tires, and the smell of burning rubber only enriched the experience.

Arūnas Gibieža Stuns The Public With His First-Class Freestyle Stunts

Despite the heavy rain that made the track very slippery, Arūnas Gibieža showed his exceptional skills on the motorbike independently and with the Driftbrothers. This Lithuanian stunt rider is one of the best known in the world, and he already has notable winning titles in European stunt championships.

During the Red Bull Racing Show Run, Gibiea performed many stunts on his bike, wowing the public with wheelies, stoppies, and burnouts. Seeing such acrobatic maneuvering first-hand was super fun (and a little scary), and it perfectly complemented the entire event. So, if you hear of the Red Bull Racing team organizing a similar show run in your proximity, we recommend taking the time to see it.

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