‘The Masked Singer’ Season 7 Spoilers: Is Thingamabob NFL star Jordan Mailata? Here are the clues

After escaping the elimination in the first two episodes of ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 7, Team Cuddly’s Thingamabob is all set to compete for a spot in the show’s finale on the upcoming episode. With the new episode around the corner, we couldn’t help but try guessing who could be hiding underneath the massive costume.

After carefully analyzing the clues and listening to the vocals of the celebrity behind the Thingamabob mask, many fans are convinced that NFL player Jordan Mailata might be hiding underneath the costume. Read on to know all of the clues that clearly point at the NFL star. In the meanwhile, you can check out our other guesses for Firefly and Ram here and here, respectively.


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Clues for Thingamabob

The clue package for Thingamabob included:
– His love for rock music. Thingamabob revealed that he grew up with rock music and that it transformed him.
– He hopes for his voice to be the biggest clue.
– He was taken away from his natural habitat and he must now fend for himself.
– Images of a donation jar that read “Save the Thingamabob” with a picture of a golden bell, four quarters, and an eagle flying overhead.
– An ornament that read ‘Hotel California’.

The mega clue revealed that he left his trident backstage but still wanted to “rock these shields” to show America that he was ready to battle.

While these clues may appear very random or confusing, the hawk-eyed fans of ‘The Masked Singer’ managed to not only decode each of them but also tie them up to Jordan Mailata.

Is Jordan Mailata the Thingamabob?

So, let us dive into the clues and see how each of them is tied to Mailata. Prior to becoming a famous NFL player, Mailata was a part-time Australian rugby player who played for Bankstown Bulls. He was offered an opportunity to tryout for the NFL under the International Practice Squad Program. According to reports, Mailata had to beg his parents di lui to allow him to move to America and tryout for NFL, this could be the reference about being taken away from his natural habitat and being forced to fend for himself in the clue package. Mailata was eventually drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles. The Libert Bell and the eagle images might be a homage to his team di lui. As for his voice of him being the biggest clue, well a video of him singing to Chris Stapleton’s ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ went viral, so it could be a nod to that.

Many fans are beyond sure that Mailata is Thingamabob. A fan tweeted, “#TheMaskedSInger Thingamabob? EAGLES left tackle Jordan Mailata. He sang the EAGLES Hotel California he is in Green and Black holding a tackle box in he left hand the Liberty Bell and I know the boy can sing. He is disguising his voice because of his Aussie accent. “

Another fan wrote, “The accent gave him away this week … #ThingamabobMask is Philadelphia Eagles O Lineman Jordan Mailata He’s 6’8, of Samoan descent (which is why they’re guessing The Rock and Momoa) and Australian hence the accent #TheMaskedSinger. “

“#TheMaskedSinger Thingamabob has to be Jordan Mailata. The voices match up. One clue was bulldogs and he was a rugby player for the bulldogs in Australia. The new clue is a shield… I feel that has to do with football. I’m 100% sure, “pointed out a fan. “Jordan Mailata is 100% #thingamabob #TheMaskedSinger. All of the clues were obvious.,” Declared another fan.

While all the clues do point at Jordan Mailata possibly being the Thingamabob, we will have to wait until the unmasking to see whether it is indeed him or not. We can’t wait to see who is hiding underneath the Thingamabob mask, but until then we’ll be looking for more clues that might confirm our guesses.

‘The Masked Singer’ Season 7 airs every Wednesday at 8 / 7c on FOX.

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