The Dragon Prince Season 4 Trailer Promises Magic, Mayhem and Fantasy Chaos

The trailer for the fourth season of The Dragon Prince, titled Mystery of Aaravos, sees Rayla, Callum and Ezran taking on their biggest foe yet.

Netflix unveiled the epic trailer for The Dragon Prince season 4

Titled Mystery of Aaravos, the trailer focuses on the eponymous elf responsible for manipulating the dark wizard Viren. While details on the upcoming episodes remain scarce, fans can expect protagonists Rayla, Callum and Ezran to return as they seek to defeat Aaravos and prevent him from spreading his evil magic across the fantasy world of Xadia.

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After a three-year hiatus, many fans of The Dragon Prince are clamoring for more information on the fourth season of the critically-acclaimed animated series. In the interim, the franchise has grown into video games, board games, novels and comic books, some of which help set the stage for the new episodes and story arc. Speaking about whether these additional components are required to better enjoy Mystery of Aaravosco-creator Aaron Ehasz confirmed that the graphic novel Through the Moon, which is set between Season 3 and 4, will provide some extra flavor. “It is very helpful to have read Through the Moon but we’ve taken into account that some people will not have read and they’re going to need some explanation,” Ehasz explained. “Does it hit the ground running? Yeah! It’s the same big story but there’s a new, specific thing that becomes clear in the issue pretty quickly. I’m being vague because I can’t spoil too much…”

The Dragon Prince Is Going for Epic

away The Dragon Prince‘s future, the creative team still has plenty of stories left to tell. Netflix surprised fans by announcing that it had greenlit an additional four seasons of the show which are expected to further deepen the central narrative of Xadia. “We have things that are quite far down that we had planned on and when we initially met with Netflix, they gave us a limited order, to begin with but still quite a commitment,” said Ehasz. The showrunner elaborated that if Netflix had not approved of future seasons, the team would have continued the narrative through novels.

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While the main narrative of The Dragon Prince is currently the priority, this hasn’t stopped the creators from speculating about what a potential spinoff show could look like. “There are definitely other parts of the universe and timeline that we think are worth exploring at some point,” Ehasz explained. “Right now, we’re focused on what we think of as the core saga, the story of these characters at this moment in time.”

The Dragon Prince: Mystery of Aaravos arrives this November on Netflix.

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