Swimming is nothing to ‘ho, ho, ho’ about for Lexington, Ontario

ONTARIO – One thing Jacob Hathaway doesn’t miss about swimming at the high school level is Christmas break.

More like Christmas gimme a break.

Or as Ontario star Brie Trumpower said Tuesday night, “Christmas break is code for ‘hardest practices all year.'”

To call this the holiday season is mostly a misnomer for high school swimmers. It’s only a holiday if you like swimming for three hours straight in the morning and then coming back that evening for a meet against your biggest area rival.

That’s how Tuesday went for the Ontario Warriors, who have been on “break” since school ended last Friday. Their reward for sweeping Lexington at home – 51-43 on the girls side and 48-46 on the boys side – was coming back Wednesday morning for three more hours in the pool, followed by an hour of weight lifting and then an hour swim that night.

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