Srixon Z-Star Divide Golf Ball 2023 Review

The Srixon Z-Star Divide golf ball 2023 may help those of you who sit across the divide of whether golf balls should be white or yellow. Underneath it all, it is a standard Z-Star so you can read more in my Srixon Z- Star golf ball review.

Srixon Z-Star Divide Golf Ball 2023 Box

(Image credit: MHopley)

The Z-Star Divide comes with a 3-piece construction that features a 92 compression FastLayer DG core that gets progressively firmer as you move from the center to the outer layers. the firmer exterior delivering the speed.

Srixon Z-Star Divide Golf Ball 2023

(Image credit: MHopley)

Aimed at players swinging 90mph or more with the driver, the Z-Star Divides 10% lower compression than the Z-Star XV means that it performs better with the irons as the cover can get more into the grooves so the club and grip the ball .

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