So the 150 year old club play the 11 year old club tonight, yeah right!

You have to laugh at the media this morning and their reports on RB Leipzig. They really do think the whole of Scottish football – outside of the Ibrox club – is completely stupid.

In the Daily Record, Gavin Berry talks about the clubs having many similarities, like starting in the lower divisions of their leagues.

I note how this was worded:

“” Like the Ibrox side, the Germans were also languishing in the fourth tier of their country’s league set up a decade ago. “

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Tom Shaw / Getty Images Sport

No mention of how or why they got there, though?

“” And they have both risen through their respective ranks to the top flight and now the last four of Uefa’s second tier competition “”

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Matthias Hangst / Getty Images Sport

Yes, that much is right, because they both started there as new clubs.

Apparently not, as Gavin Berry is at pains to point out:

“” However, that is where the similarities end. For while ‘Ra **** s’ celebrate their 150th anniversary this year, the Bundesliga side were only formed in 2009. “”

There you have it.

How could we all have been so stupid to think they’re a new club?

At least Gavin has set the record straight for any fools like me out there.


Unfortunately for him, we’re not that stupid. Let me straighten things up for you a bit there Gavin.

Red Bull Leipzig are three years older than the Ibrox club. It’s simple mathematics really, one club was founded in 2009, the other – the Ibrox club – was founded in 2012.

Intelligent Scottish football supporters know this and no matter how much you try to airbrush it – in the hopes that we’ll eventually ignore it and it will go away – it won’t.

But apparently, RB Leipzig lack the history of the Ibrox club. Eh no, their history is three years older than the Ibrox club.

They didn’t buy any history, they’ve pretty much created their own for the last thirteen years, which has now culminated in them reaching a European semi-final.

While they might be hated in Germany for being very much a corporate entity and all that is wrong with European football today, they do not pretend to be anything other than what they are.

Berry goes on to give us a history lesson about RB Leipzig, telling us that they are actually SSV Markranstadt, Well, they were. That was until the then German fifth tier outfit were bought over by Austrian energy drink giants Red Bull and rebranded.

So I’m guessing Dieter Mateschitz bought the assets of the club and rebranded it Rasenballsport Leipzig?

Sound familiar?

I definitely remember a guy with big hands and a Yorkshire accent purchasing the assets of a liquidated club in Scotland for £ 5 million and then re-naming it Sevco Scotland Ltd.

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Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images News

But that’s a while ago now and my memory is a bit fuzzy, so I could be wrong. Apparently though, according to Gavin Berry, that never happened, so I must be mistaken?

Losing it in my old age I guess.

Interestingly enough though, Gavin is at pains to point out that RB Leipzig are the most hated club in Germany due to rival fans not liking their corporate backing.

The Most Hated.

But their opponents in tonight’s semi-final are 150 years old and the darlings of Scottish football?

Planet Fitba is a funny ol ‘place.

Apparently it’s full of people who are stupid enough to believe all of the above.

But it’s not you see.

I’ll finish with headline that should be in the media from the real world:

Michael Sohn - Pool / Getty Images Sport

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Michael Sohn – Pool / Getty Images Sport

“With the chance of reaching a European final, the Ibrox club are on the cusp of a Fairy tale end to their first ten years of existence”

There now.

All is well in my deluded head.

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