Smiling Friends Celebrates Summer Special With New Art

Smiling Friends might be working on its comeback with Season 2, but is now celebrating its special Summer episode with some new art hyping up its new episode’s release! Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel’s original animated series has been dominating the conversation among fans since it had debuted its entire first season surprisingly over a single evening, and thus fans have been eagerly waiting for the series to return with its previously confirmed second season. But thankfully it won’t be that long of a wait for something new as the series will be returning for a special new episode this Summer.

This new special episode will be taking place in between the events of the first and second seasons of the series as Pim, Charlie, Alan and Glep prepare to enjoy some vacation time in Brazil, and with the new episode being a major pillar during the Adult Swim Festival this weekend, the franchise had a big showing. Not only did Smiling Friends have a special panel for the episode during the festival, but it also released some special new art through Adult Swim’s official Instagram page. You can check it out below as spotted by @Swimpedia on Twitter:

“The Smiling Friends Go to Brazil” is set to premiere on Adult Swim tonight, Saturday, August 6th at 11:30PM EST. It will be streaming with HBO Max the very next day if you’re not able to catch it as it goes live, however, and Adult Swim describes the special episode as such, “The Smiling Friends finally get to relax in a beautiful Brazilian beach town; Pim works on his novel; Charlie binges a load of torrent shows on his portable hard drive; Alan and Glep enjoy some long-awaited chill-out time at the beach.”

If you wanted to catch Smiling Friends‘ episodes so far, you can now find the animated series streaming with HBO Max and airing on Adult Swim on various evenings. The series is officially described as such, “Smiling Friends follows the employees of a small company dedicated to bringing happiness to a bizarre yet colorful world. The quarter-hour animated series is co-created by Michael Cusack (YOLO: Crystal Fantasy) and Zach Hadel (Hellbenders) and animated by Princess Bento Studio.”

Will you be checking out Smiling Friends‘ new Summer special? How did you like the first season of the series released earlier this year? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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