Small Sesame Rice Dumplings Recipe

The Aida Cafe event is ongoing Tower of Fantasy until September 28. This gives you plenty of time to discover all the new recipes. One of those recipes is the Small Sesame Rice Dumplings dish. There isn’t too much that goes into making this one, though. We’ll help you gather all the ingredients you need to make the Small Sesame Rice Dumplings recipe for the Aida Cafe event in Tower of Fantasy.

Recipe for Small Sesame Rice Dumplings in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Small Sesame Rice Dumplings Aida Cafe Recipe

Small Sesame Rice Dumplings is a soup dish exclusive to the Aida Cafe event in the game. Also, it is a favorite soup for multiple characters. Because of that, you must learn how to create it.

There are only three ingredients for the Small Sesame Rice Dumplings in Tower of Fantasy:

Now that we know what we need to cook the Small Sesame Rice Dumplings, the real challenge comes with the ingredients. They’re not just handed to you. As with any other recipe in Tower of Fantasyyou must track down the ingredients.

Thankfully, both Brown Rice and Sesame go hand-in-hand. The unfortunate part is that Sesame is a rare, exclusive ingredient for the Small Sesame Rice Dumplings recipe courtesy of the Aida Cafe event. When you gather Brown Rice, there is a small chance that you may also come away with Sesame. Again, this is only a chance. There’s no real guarantee that you’ll get Sesame, so it’s important to gather as much Brown Rice as you can.

Brown Rice is found in Navia. Although you can typically find this in the Grassland, you’ll want to also head to it Raincaller Island. This is where you’ll have a better chance at finding Sesame along with the Brown Rice. Acquiring both gets you one step closer to Small Sesame Rice Dumplings in Tower of Fantasy.

Last is the mushroom ingredient. We’re in luck here, as Mushroom is a Common Ingredient in the game. This makes it easy to find. You can head to Astral or the Crown region to find Mushrooms. They’re especially plentiful in the latter.

With the ingredients rounded up, nothing stops you from creating this unique Aida Cafe soup recipe.


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Tower of Fantasy is available for PC, iOS, and Android.

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