Riley Herbst Texas NXS Advance

Texas marks the start of the seven-race Xfinity Series Playoffs. Does your mindset change now that you’re in the playoffs, or do you go about these next seven races the same way you did the previous 26 races?

“Nothing changes. We obviously have to be smart in the playoffs. It’s about surviving each race and getting the best results. I think we’re smart about coming to races and being prepared to race for wins, but also being cautious and staying out of trouble. We’re always going to try to execute to the best of our abilities and try to get the best results. That won’t change in the playoffs.”

You’ve earned a career-best six top-fives along with 16 top-10s so far this season. What’s been the key to your growth this season?

“Communication has been key this year. Last year we were just getting to know each other and it was a weird year with no practice or qualifying. Those sessions are essential to learning a brand-new team. Really, communication with my crew chief, Richard Boswell, and my spotter, Tim Fedewa, has been key. You have to build a trust in that trio and we’ve done that this year. The results are showing and people are taking notice.”

How do you approach Texas and what have you learned since your first start at the track in 2020?

“Texas is a beast on its own. It’s a super-fast, 1.5-mile track in the Texas heat, so you know it’s going to be a challenge. With that said, it should be a lot of fun and I’m excited to go back for the second time this year. I performed well there in May, so hoping to continue that trend. The key is having a fast Monster Energy Ford Mustang, which we always bring, and staying out of trouble. It’s your typical intermediate track, but it’s crazy how fast it is. We just have to keep our focus on earning stage points and getting a good finish.”



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