Oxford cyclist says their commute has become ‘more dangerous’

A cyclist has expressed concern that their commute has become “more dangerous” during the last two years, despite several traffic safety measures and road upgrades being introduced in the city.

Daniel Stafford reached out to this publication yesterday to offer an “alternative perspective” after we ran a story on improvement works to The Plain roundabout.

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Upgrade works began on the roundabout on Monday with the aim of creating a safer junction for all road users, following the death of Dr Ling Felce in March.

Oxford Mail: Road works are being carried out on The Plain this weekRoad works are being carried out on The Plain this week (Image: Newsquest)

Both the chair of Oxford’s cycling campaign group Cyclox, Dr Alison Hill, and the county’s cycling champion, Dan Levy, said the changes would make a “difference” to road users.

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They also point out that the junction puts people off cycling as it is complicated and has been labeled one of the most dangerous in the UK, so the upgrades were welcomed.

Mr Stafford is a cyclist who rides his bike five days a week but feels his experience has “worsened over the last 24 months”.

Read his letter below:


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