Outside house, BJP, SP lawmakers team up for a cricket match

LUCKNOW: Before arriving for the special session of the UP assembly, the lawmakers of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as well as the main opposition Samajwadi Party (SP) set aside their political differences to play as one team at the Lucknow’s Ekana Stadium on Thursday.

Instead of playing a BJP vs SP cricket match, the lawmakers jointly decided to play as one team.

“It was a conscious decision to avoid playing a BJP vs SP cricket match. So, both teams had lawmakers from both parties and both teams made a good attempt to play a spirited cricket match,” said UP’s junior minister of state for minority welfare Danish Azad Ansari, who was the vice-captain of one of the teams.

Team A was captained by BJP lawmaker Somendra Tomer, the junior minister of state for power, while SP lawmaker Ram Singh Patel captained Team B. Team A won, overtaking Team B’s total of 80 runs. There were some interesting moments in the match when BJP and SP lawmakers were seen working out a partnership.

UP assembly speaker Satish Mahana played the first ball to symbolically indicate the start of the match between lawmakers.

There was some light hearted fun when the assembly speaker laughed out loud as someone called ‘no ball’ when the bowler arrived to ball. Finally, when the ball was delivered, Mahana hit it confidently to midwicket, eliciting cheers from lawmakers as well as onlookers alike. The lawmakers said the series of friendly cricket matches would continue. “We will play more of these,” the lawmakers said after the match.


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