Oasis Boys Soccer duo ranks in top-five nationally

Oasis Boys Soccer is off to one of the best starts in Southwest Florida. The Sharks are currently 9-3 and have one of the most dangerous offenses in the state. They are averaging four goals per game and are led by a two headed monster of Tyler Kerr and Mario Acosta.

Through the first 12 games, Kerr and Acosta have 51 points each. Kerr has 19 goals and 13 assists while Acosta has 21 goals and nine assists. Those numbers rank first in the state of Florida and fifth in the entire country.

“I’m really proud that we can be up there,” Acosta said.

“I didn’t expect that this year,” Oasis Head Coach Chad Boyko added.

It’s especially impressive when you consider the players’ ages. Neither of them are in their senior year. Kerr is a sophomore and Acosta is a junior.

“For both of them to do that while they still got 1-2 more years of playing is even more remarkable,” Boyko said.

For one team to have two players who are at the top of the state and the entire country is very uncommon. Coach Boyko says their success is because of each other.

“It’s a privilege to be able to coach two guys who are working so well together and know that each one is dependent on each other for the success on the field,” Boyko said.

Kerr just transferred to Oasis from Mariner. That change has helped his game immensely.

“Last year when I was at Mariner I only had like four assists,” Kerr said. “My job was to win the ball and pass it.”

Now, he is a focal point of a potent offense that consistently scores multiple goals a game. The Sharks only have a handful of regular season games remaining, so the duo is turning the final stretch into a little competition.

“Who’s going to end up with more?” Kerr said.

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