‘Not Sure’: A Major Long Time Debate Leaves Golf World Divided

The golf world is no exception to fashion. From the clothes they wear to the bags they carry, everything is noticed. Players’ fashion is judged, then either dissed or copied. A recent photo of a golfer on the course has once again sparked an age-old fashion debate in golf. The fans too added in their 2 bits. What do you think most said?

The fans don’t miss a single opportunity to debate whether or not a fashion trend is good. This time was no different either. Strong arguments turned Twitter into a debate stage.

Headwear fashion ignites the fans’ hidden debaters


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The Caddie Network recently took to Twitter with a question for golf fans. Posting a photo of a golfer wearing a bucket hat, they wrote, “What is your opinion on bucket hats?” “Yay or nay?” Within minutes, the post was viral. At the time of this writing, in just over an hour, it already has 53.5K views.

Furthermore, fans are debating whether bucket hats are appropriate to wear. Many stated that they could never bear that look. One fan even wrote, “Hell no.”

There were also those fans who were strongly pro-bucket hats. They argued that it helped protect the wearer, regardless of how it looked. One fan commented, “Absolutely YAY.” And another wrote, “Bucket all day.”

Many stood on the fence, still waiting and debating if the functionality was more important than the look. One uninterested fan wrote, “Not sure if apathy is an opinion.”

Where do you stand on bucket hats? And would you ignore its look because it was useful?

Golf enthusiasts’ opinions on bucket hats


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Golf Digest in 2020 covered the opinions of many in the golf community to see what they thought about the hats. Here’s what they found. After taking in the opinions of five avid golfers, something common emerged. a hat is not a good look, no one can deny that it is able to protect the wearer from the sun from all sides, helping them see better too.

Sep 23, 2022; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Team USA golfer Justin Thomas hits his tee shot on the fourth hole during the four-ball match play of the Presidents Cup golf tournament at Quail Hollow Club. Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

But others also argued that a good baseball cap would do the same job. Shield your face from the sun, which will also help you see straight. At the same time, the cap didn’t make you look half bad. the debate ends in a stalemate.


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Do you think anyone will find a conclusive answer to this? Let us know in the comments below

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