“No offense to them over there, but they’re the lights”

Reggie Jackson has stated that the LA Clippers are the heart of the city of Los Angeles and not the Lakers.

The 31-year-old was ecstatic after yet another fantastic comeback win over the Washington Wizards. He took a moment to thank the Clippers fans for all the support they have shown him in his stint with the team. In the absence of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, Jackson has been the main player on the team.

His efforts have been terrific and the fans of the LA Clippers seem to love him. The 31-year-old has always been very vocal about all the support he has received from the organization. In his post-game interview after the win against the Wizards, Jackson drew comparisons between the Clippers and their inter-city rivals, the LA Lakers. Speaking about it, he said:

“Clippers Nation the heart, it truly LA. No offense to them over there, but they’re the lights. They’re the bright lights, they’re Hollywood. They’re the show, that’s what people have called them for so long. ”

“But I feel like we’re definitely the heart of the city or that’s something that we want to embody, we definitely want to show that we are here for the people”

Jackson put on a show for the team when they faced the LA Lakers last week. He was all pumped and kept making buckets as the crowd cheered him on. The 31-year-old scored 36 points to help the LA Clippers complete a regular-season series sweep over the Lakers.

He is definitely at his best when the team faces the purple and gold. The Purple and Gold have 17 championships to show and will remain the best team in the city. But with the mentality players like Reggie Jackson are bringing in, the LA Clippers definitely have a bright future and are shaping up to be one of the best teams in the NBA.

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The Clippers have certainly been the better LA team this season, but with a lot still left to play in the season, they cannot yet losen their guard. With no certainty as to when Paul George and Kawhi Leonard will be back, the LA Clippers will just have to continue delivering to the best of their potential and see where their season goes.


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