Nikola Jokic: An NBA MVP in plain sight

Nuggets veteran Jeff Green is not easily impressed.

Uncle Jeff, as the 14-year pro is affectionately known, has been in the NBA for so long the first jersey he wore read “SuperSonics” across the front. Green has played with Point Gods, Kings, Beards, Brodies, Easy Money Snipers and everyone in between. And still, this deep into his career di lui, he has the capacity to be wowed by a teammate.

“There was a game we played against Sacramento,” Green recalls with a chuckle. “And I caught it in the post against De’Aaron Fox. And on video it looks crazy. It was almost like a triple team. I turned baseline. Another guy comes baseline. I turn middle, and another guy runs from the middle.

“[Nikola] Jokić sits behind me during film [session]. So I turned around and was like, ‘So that’s how you feel every day? ‘”

Green asks because Jokić is the NBA’s reigning MVP and currently enjoying one of the most remarkable seasons in league history. Opponents fear Jokić because he’s a one-man wrecking crew who has carried a depleted Nuggets team that’s starting to find its groove late in the season. After starting the year 18–18, Denver has gone 22–8, including winning 12 of its last 14 games. And it’s all been powered by the most unassuming superstar in the world, one who receives far more attention on the court than off of it. One who never even dreamed of being an All-Star or a league MVP.


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