NFL on Thanksgiving: Five teams have winning records heading into holiday games for the first time in eight years

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This year’s NFL Thanksgiving Day slate features three games that have playoff implications in both conferences, setting the stage for a full feast of exciting matchups on the holiday. Five teams will have a winning record heading into their Thanksgiving Day games, tying a league-high set in 2011 and 2014 (NFL started having three Thanksgiving Day games in 2006).

The combined record of the six teams playing this Thanksgiving is 39-21, as the .650 win percentage between the teams is the second-highest since the Thanksgiving schedule went to three games. The winning percentage was .682 in 2011, which is still the highest mark.

Here are the matchups for the three Thanksgiving games:

The Bills will play the Lions on Thanksgiving for the first time since 1994 and the third time overall on the holiday (Detroit is 2-0 against Buffalo on Thanksgiving). The Giants are playing the Cowboys on Thanksgiving for the first time since 1992 and just the second time ever on the holiday. The Vikings and Patriots will meet on Thanksgiving for the first time, with Minnesota hosting its first Thanksgiving game.

Here are the Thanksgiving Day records of the teams playing this year:



Detroit Lions


Dallas Cowboys


New York Giants


Minnesota Vikings


Buffalo Bills


New England Patriots


The NFL is set for one of the most-anticipated Thanksgiving Day slate of games in years, as even the Lions are on a three-game winning streak heading into the holiday. All three games are worth watching in 2022.

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