New ‘country club’ home for gaming and e-sports players in Rochester

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) – Great Lakes Gaming will open a state-of-the-art esports gaming facility at Innovation Square in Rochester in April.

Great Lakes Gaming CEO, President, and founder Ben Garvey discussed the vision behind the company and his passion for e-sports Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation.

“I started getting into e-sports when I went to RIT in my second year,” Garvey said. “I founded the RIT ‘Call of Duty’ team there and from all of that experience working with all of the teams, the managers, and all of that stuff I just grew to love e-sports. I saw there were synergies with doing some in-person gaming and wanted to bring that to the public outside of RIT here in the City of Rochester. “

Garvey said the new facility will be located on the twenty-second floor of Innovation Square, the old Xerox Tower in Downtown Rochester. “People can get involved right now. We’re already selling memberships for the facility at a heavy discount and we’re also running weekly online tournaments and broadcasts. So you can tune in every Wednesday and Saturday. ”

The target date for a grand opening is April 20 and Garvey said Great Lakes Gaming will provide a unique experience for gamers.

“Think of your country club – a little bit of a higher end experience than you would expect from your typical gaming space that might look a little bit dark and grungy. We wanted to open it up and be a little bit more professional. We’re gearing more towards your adults, more young professionals – people who want to get back to gaming with their friends that they might have missed out on after they graduated from college. So we’re offering a space for you guys to do that now in the City of Rochester. “

E-sports is a global phenomenon. Garvey said Rochester was the perfect place to launch his dream of him.

“Rochester has a growing e-sports community. You see a bunch of gaming things pop up all over the place now, especially with the addition of MAGIC Spell Studios at RIT. There’s so much happening. Then with the concept of Innovation Square, this downtown college campus, and the addition of Greenlight internet being there it just provides this excellent experience for high-end gaming to take place. You need that equipment. You need those customer bases that are here now in Rochester. There’s a growing population and the crazy awesome things that I’ve seen happening in the city since I moved to RIT four years ago have been inspiring. “

Garvey said the insight and expertise from those at Greater Rochester Enterprise was a difference-maker in making Great Lakes Gaming at Innovation Square a reality. “It’s been phenomenal. They’ve opened my eyes to so many different resources and opportunities here in Rochester that I didn’t know about. I’m living in Henrietta on RIT’s campus. I come to Downtown Rochester, moving into my first apartment, and I meet members of GRE and they’re telling me about these awesome things that are happening. “

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