NBA Veteran, Who Was Married to Kim Kardashian for 72 Days, Got Brutally Honest About “The Whole World” Hating on Him

Being an NBA superstar has its own set of pros and cons. While the money and the fame involved in the game, do certainly sound nice, the added pressure is sometimes too much to handle. This was perfectly explained by former NBA star Kris Humphries.

Humphries talked about when people would recognize him in public and he would try to do his best to avoid them. Moreover, he would sometimes identify himself as Blake Griffin!


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In an unearthed writeup, the former Nets star opened up about his struggles while playing basketball. Humphries stressed on how he dealt with a lot of anxiety and other mental health issues while in crowds.

He wrote, “There was about a year where I was in a dark place. I didn’t want to leave my home. You feel like… I don’t know… the whole world hates you, but they don’t even know why.

Kris further added, “I didn’t want to be Kris Humphries. It’s the craziest feeling in the world, not wanting to be yourself. And I didn’t even want to say anything to defend myself, because it felt like I couldn’t win.

His insights regarding some of the issues he faced during his time in the NBA give us an idea of ​​how tough it is out there. Interestingly enough, apart from his exploits on the basketball court, Humphries is known for marrying a member of a very famous family.

It is none other than Kim Kardashian. Kris and Kim tied the knot on August 20, 2011, in a private ceremony. However, their marriage was short-lived as Kim filed for a divorce on the 31st of October; just 72 days after their marriage!


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How good was Kris Humphries in the NBA?

The Utah Jazz drafted Kris Humphries as the 14th overall pick during the 2004 draft. He played there for 2 seasons before joining the Toronto Raptors.


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In his 16 years in the league, he played for 8 teams and he retired with an average of 6.7 points, 0.7 assists, and 5.4 rebounds after the 2016-17 season. After his retirement, Humphries built himself a successful career in the franchising industry. Kris already owns seven Crisp & Green locations in addition to ten different Five Guys chains.

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