Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain had “3000 reasons” to be pi**ed at the NBA for stripping them off an MVP

Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain are the only ones to score 3000 points in an NBA season. But that wasn’t enough to fetch them an MVP!

Scoring 2000 points in a season is no small feat. It is the equivalent of averaging 24.3 points per game over 82 games! Seldom do players score 2000 points and play anything less than 70 games. That puts the average at a staggering 28.5 points per game.

While the barrier is restricted to all-star players or those who have a career year, 2000 points in a season is not that unlikely. Multiple players have done it this season and it remains the benchmark for a prolific scorer.

However, there is a ceiling that even many NBA greats have not touched. The 3000-point mark. To put it into perspective, scoring 3000 in a season would require you to average 36.58 points per game. In the history of the NBA, that has happened only 4 times.

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Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain averaged more than 37 points per game! But didn’t win the MVP!

Scoring an absurd, 3000 points in a season and not winning the MVP award is nothing short of a travesty. Wilt did it a whopping 3 times and yet didn’t win the MVP award during any of those seasons.

What is more absurd is that Michael Jordan did the same, he scored 3041 points in the 1986-87 season while averaging over 37 and he still did not win the MVP award.

The NBA has historically not valued scoring and yet the metric remains the most important quantifier of a basketball player’s ability.

Both players would have 3000 reasons to hate the NBA for not giving them the MVP award.

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