Meet Official LFC Supporters Club… Kolhapur

How special is it to have a feeling of Liverpool despite being in Kolhapur? What makes it a great OLSC to be a part of?

By being part of the OLSC network, it gives us the chance to be closer to Liverpool. It gives us representation at the global level as Liverpool supporters. Also locally, it gives us the feeling of togetherness that only LFC fans can give you.

Do you hold any special events throughout the season, or meet-ups for games?

We come together regularly for match day screenings where our members watch games. Also, we regularly arrange footie meet-ups for our members. OLSC Kolhapur is very proudly active on the social front and also locally where we do charity work regularly.

What is so unique about being a Liverpool supporter for your members?

The mutual feeling of emotional connection with the club is unique for our supporters. We understand the values ​​of the club and each fan is extremely passionate about Liverpool.

Why do you think Liverpool fans – no matter where they are from around the world – are so passionate and loyal to the club?

Regardless of where we come from, our fans are one of the most loyal supporters in the world. We live thousands of miles away from Anfield, but we think about our club probably for our whole life. No matter how our team does on the pitch, we always stay together and support our club.

How do you bring ‘Anfield’ to Kolhapur?

We arrange regular matchdays where most Liverpool supporters turn up in club colours. It’s like a small ‘Kop’ away from Anfield.


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