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NEW DELHI: From selling newspapers to funding his coaching to becoming an internationally acclaimed Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) star, Nitesh’s story is one for the ages. We often lack motivation in life and get tired of the obstacles life throws at us, and if you are going through that phase right now – this is one story you must be aware of! Nitesh Yadav – a household name in the Indian MMA circuit, but how did it all start?
Born in Uttar Pradesh, Nitesh moved to Mumbai at a very early age, thanks to the efforts of his father. The young boy, hailing from a humble background, was always fascinated by fights and hand combat. Nitesh’s first exposure in martial arts came in his government school, when he was in the third standard.
Fascinated by the sight of karate classes on a ground beside his school, Nitesh wanted to be one of those kids in white uniform and belt, throwing in the kicks and punches. But, who would fund his coaching fees? Well, as they say – when there’s a will, there’s a way. Young Nitesh started selling newspapers to fund his karate classes and that’s how his career took off!
However, karate is quite different to MMA. Nitesh always wanted to be more expressive with his punches and knock-outs and his transition from karate to the MMA format began when he was in the eighth standard. After performing consistently at the state and regional levels, Nitesh carved out a name for himself at the national level.
MMA reached a different dimension in India after the launch of the Super Fight League (SFL). Live telecast, audience engagement and breath-taking action – it’s an all in one package and a perfect platform for fighters like Nitesh to showcase their talent. Nitesh made the most of the opportunity to show everyone what he is actually capable of. In the SFL, Nitesh first represented the Tamil Veerans and then was a part of Goa Pirates. Besides the SFL, Nitesh’s achievements at the national level, speak for themselves.
He is a 5-time national gold medallist in kickboxing – a stellar record. Nitesh’s present professional record is a commendable two wins and an equal number of losses. Currently, he is recovering from an ACL injury but will soon be back in the ring in two or three months.


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