Matt Corral mock draft: Lions, Falcons best 2022 NFL Draft fits for Ole Miss quarterback

Who will corral Corral?

As with every other first-round passer in the 2022 NFL Draft, Ole Miss product Matt Corral is a very intriguing prospect. While he doesn’t have the physical traits that some others may have, his pro day on Wednesday should provide more than enough answers heading into the final month leading up to the draft.

After a stellar season that earned him some Heisman consideration, Corral is likely going to end up as a first-round selection come April, and for good reason: He has a strong arm, can move and plays with a lot of that intangible grit and toughness that NFL organizations love.

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While he might be the third or fourth quarterback off the board, he should still have some suitors towards the back end of the first round – or maybe higher, if the pre-draft process does what it usually does to QBs.

So, where will Corral go? Here are five of the best options for his services by him as April 28:

Matt Corral mock draft

1. Detroit Lions (No. 32)

The Jared Goff trade would still pay dividends for the Lions, who would get Corral in the sweet spot at No. 32.

Even though coach Dan Campbell just finished Year 1 of a six-year pact, the Lions are going to have to figure out quarterback sooner rather than later. Rebuilds in the NFL don’t take four years anymore, and the longer a team is without a QB, the longer that’s going to take.

Detroit would be the perfect landing spot for Corral: If the Lions opt to keep Goff, then he won’t be a bad stopgap until Corral is ready – and it’ll be easy for Campbell and Co. for bench the veteran if things go sideways, as they did in 2021

The weird working relationship between Campbell and Goff is telling enough that Goff isn’t long for Detroit: If he’s cut following the 2023 season, the Lions will be saving a pretty penny against the cap, to the tune of over $ 20 million. A rookie contract would do wonders for them moving forward.

2. Atlanta Falcons (No. 8)

The Falcons trading away Matt Ryan and bringing in Marcus Mariota is one of two things: They’re banking on Mariota to give them a great season as a starter, or they’re looking to use him as a bridge QB. The latter is the more likely outcome.

Mariota is going to operate a system that he knows (he played for Arthur Smith in 2019 in Tennessee) which would be a major benefit for any quarterback behind him on the bench. He has durability concerns, though, which means QB2 may be as important as QB1 on Atlanta’s depth chart.

The Falcons have work to do to fix their offense this offseason: With Calvin Ridley suspended and Russell Gage heading to a division rival, the team needs to fix its receiving options and its quarterback. The No. 8 pick would be a bit rich for Corral, but with no consensus top quarterback, there’s a good chance he could be the first off the board.

3. Washington Commanders (No. 11)

The Commanders were exhaustive in their search for a quarterback, leading to the team trading for Carson Wentz.

Wentz had an uneven season at best with the Colts, and his contract is escapable following the 2022 season. Unless he goes off in 2022, then the Commanders will be stuck, once again, trying to figure out quarterback.

The fit makes sense, too, with Washington’s offense focusing more on pushing the ball down the field in the intermediate game, an area in which Corral excelled in 2021. He also comes from a play-action-heavy offense, something that Scott Turner utilizes a lot as part of Washington’s offense.

The Commanders would benefit from taking a passer early in the 2022 NFL Draft to stop the constant shuffle of stopgaps and Band-Aids. Corral seems like a good fit for both sides, even after the Wentz addition.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (No. 19)

Nick Sirianni and Howie Roseman have given public votes of confidence surrounding Jalen Hurts’ standing as Eagles passer, but as the offseason has proved time and time again, words are just words in the NFL.

There still seems to be a reluctance for the Eagles to fully embrace Hurts: Reports linked Philadelphia to both Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson, so the team clearly feels like it needs an upgrade at the position.

A rookie quarterback likely wouldn’t be an immediate upgrade, but Corral has higher upside as a passer than Hurts does. While Hurts has the edge as a runner, Corral did touch paydirt 11 times in 2021, with 614 rushing yards.

Sirianni has shown the ability to work the offense and mold it around a QB’s skillset. Corral has also met with the Eagles, which may be more “due diligence” than legitimate interest.

Hurts still has some upside and surprised a lot of people in 2021. We’ll see if Sirianni and Roseman are both true to their word come April 28.

5. New Orleans Saints (No. 18)

The Saints are comfortable enough with Jameis Winston to have given him a two-year pact with $ 21 million guaranteed, but if Winston turns back into a pumpkin, they’ll be back at Square 1 come 2023.

The Saints have done well to maneuver around cap issues, and though they’ve lost key pieces of their team, their offense could still be presentable if things don’t drastically change under Dennis Allen in 2023.

With an offense that’s been predicated around the mid-range passing game and Alvin Kamara working wonders, it’s easy to see how Corral would fit in. A year on the bench behind Winston, who himself has admitted to learning a lot from Drew Brees, would probably help, too.

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