Man praised for clever clothes horse trick which speeds up drying time AND doesn’t take up loads of space

THE chillier weather means that drying wet clothes can be a long and arduous process.

And the longer your laundry stays damp for, the more chance there is for potential issues with mold to occur.


A savvy homeowner shared the very clever way he gets his wet laundry dry quicklyCredit: tiktok/@wilmill18
Man shares very clever hack that dries wet clothes so much quicker – and people say it's genius, , , LINK TO:,


Man shares very clever hack that dries wet clothes so much quicker – and people say it’s genius, , , LINK TO:, tiktok/@wilmill18

Well, not if you follow in the footsteps of one savvy TikTok user, who has come up with the perfect solution – and it couldn’t be easier.

The clever homeowner, who posts under the acronym @wilmill18, shared a short video of his clothes neatly hung up and drying over the stairs.

He then responded to a comment from a social media user who asked: “Can I see the clothes horse over the stairs because I think you might be a genius?”

In the clip, he explains: “It’s just an over the bath dryer taken apart into two and just propped up literally over the stairs.

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“I’ve had it there for a few years.

“It works a treat – heat rises, clothes dry much faster.”

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The post has since racked up a whopping 914,000 views and been flooded with comments online, with many praising the clever idea.

“Legend, great idea!” enthusiastic one.

A second praised: “Your wife is a genius!!!

A third wrote: “True. Did this in our 3 storey house – all dried by the evening.”

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Meanwhile, a fourth penned: “Oh my god! Absolutely genius….runs upstairs!”

Another added: “Absolute genius!”

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