Man hurt after driver fleeing police crashes into Sacramento home

SACRAMENTO — A man was seriously hurt Thursday evening after a suspect fleeing police crashed a pickup truck into his home.

The Sacramento Police Department says the chase started around 6 pm when officers stopped a driver with “multiple felony warrants.” While the suspect briefly stopped, she later sped off, leading the police on a chase.


Sacramento Fire Department

Officers followed the suspect until she crashed into a home on the 8100 block of Valley Hi Drive on the city’s south side. The crash severed the home’s gas line, and a PG&E crew responded to the scene, the city’s fire department said.

The man inside the house was critically hurt. Emergency crews brought him to a hospital for treatment, and he is expected to survive, officials say.

Neighbors heard the crash and came outside, finding a massive cloud of dust. They said that the family that lived in the home had recently moved into the area.

“[A woman inside] was screaming for someone to help her and help her husband get out,” one neighbor said.

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into jail on charges of fleeing police and several other warrants.

Due to the gas line being damaged, the pickup truck remained in the home until after nightfall, as crews worked to safely remove the vehicle from the home.


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