“LeBron James loves reading the first page of books”: NBA Twitter trolls The King for always showing up to the arena with books as accessories

LeBron James is famous for reading only the first page of any book and got massively trolled for it by NBA Twitter.

All NBA players started out as student-athletes. However, most of them have been in the limelight since high school with basketball always above academics. Very few players finish their college degree before enlisting for the NBA draft and Tim Duncan is the last superstar to do so.

LeBron James entered the league straight out of high school. He never went to college but that doesn’t stop him from trying to educate himself even in year 19 in the league. During the 2020 playoffs against Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA Bubble, the 4x MVP walked into the Arena with Malcolm X’s autobiography in his hand di lui.

Although his ideology differed from Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X did a great deal for civil rights movements in the United States. With the Black Lives Matter movement at its height, LeBron chose to know more about this revolutionary figure.

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A thread of LeBron James only reading the first page of a book

During the media interaction, he was asked about key takeaways from the book and James fumbled. It took him some time to gather his thoughts about him but the explanation that came after did not help his case about him.

It was quite evident that LeBron did not make it past a couple of pages in the book. He got blasted for using Malcolm X’s autobiography as a PR stunt during the playoffs.

This led to a fan compiling a thread of The King reading only the first page of many books he’s been spotted with over the years.

It was not just incessant trolling as some fans tried to defend him as well. In addition, a clip from the 2018 playoffs shows LeBron actually made the halfway point in Paulo Coelho’s famous book “The Alchemist”. Clearly, the troll missed this particular clip before making that thread.

The 2020 clip of LeBron reading Malcolm X’s autobiography may have been the last one as LA Lakers making the playoffs this season is highly unlikely given their record.

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