Interview with Ryan Griffin, Patterson’s head baseball coach

Nov. 23—Colin Patterson is headed to UAB on a baseball scholarship, and his West Limestone head coach, Ryan Griffin, took the time to say some kind words about his star player heading to play in some of the top competition college baseball has to offer.

“In baseball, UAB beat Alabama this (past) year. So, it is a big deal for him,” Griffin said. “UAB I think saw his potential, especially with him being a three-sport athlete. I feel like they think they can really develop him and make him even better. We felt like they were going to put a lot of time and effort into making him better. This is not just one of those deals where they want him (only) because he is good, but he can improve and really help their program down there.”

Patterson is known for being highly competitive, but his coach highlights some other intangibles he brings to the table.

“Guys kind of feed off his energy. When he’s on, he brings everybody up around him,” Griffin said. “As far as him as a player, he is great all the way around. Colin can do it all, and Colin is a tough kid. He brings a lot to a team.”

While baseball appears to be his best sport, it is not his only sport. He is a standout in football and basketball as well.

While Griffin represents one-third of Patterson’s coaching leadership, he is proud to see Patterson succeed in all three sports, and believes it has helped him along the way.

“I think (UAB) saw ‘Colin is a star in all three sports, he spends a lot of time in athletics,'” Griffin said. “Maybe once he focuses solely on baseball, I think they can really develop him.”

His football coach, Shelby Davis, comments on how proud he is of Patterson.

“Man, super proud of Colin! He’s done a great job of keeping himself in a good situation so that he can take advantage of this opportunity. As far as football is concerned, it would’ve been easy for him not to play, risking getting hurt or whatever, but he’s a great competitor and cares about the team and his teammates. We asked more from him this year than ever and he answered. He’s a great athlete that could honestly play anything he wanted to. Can’t wait to see how his future plays out. We love and appreciate him,” Davis said in a statement to The News Courier.

Patterson is a good hitter and fielder, in addition to being a pitcher that Griffin says is “unhittable” when healthy.

UAB scouted and recruited him as a pitcher, Griffin says, and Patterson will head to UAB with a chance to continue developing on the mound.

He is tall, lanky and has a great arm, all tools which Griffin feels will make him successful at the next level, as it proved successful at the High School level.

“His freshman and sophomore years, he was All-State both seasons and almost unhittable at times. (UAB knows) the potential, I mean, he is 6’6″, lanky and looks like a pitcher. He has real good control.”

Griffin said Patterson’s junior campaign was a little different due to a minor injury to his calf, which in turn had effects on his control.

However, for his senior season, Patterson is ready to capitalize on his potential and show the Blazers program what he is made of.

Updates will be provided on Patterson and West Limestone baseball’s upcoming 2023 season online and in print.

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