Indie Rock Band Horse and Locomotive Release Their New Music Video ‘Holding’

The latest single ‘Holding’ by Horse and Locomotive is a compelling music video and has all the qualities to make up a rocking listening experience for the audience.

The latest release by the classic and cutting rock band The Horse and Locomotive, ‘Holding’ is one of the finest music videos that burrows its way directly into the hearts and minds of the viewers. The song features intricate layers of guitars, bass, and drums, paired with the slow, sultry, and yet powerful vocals of the singer. While the song has a nostalgic familiarity to it, it is also redirected towards a fresh twist of powerful and melodious escapism. The song stream rolls through weaves of melody that are reminiscent of the style of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, but with a mix of hard rock vibes and soulful, sensuous vocals. The enigmatic guitar in the beginning soon breaks into a head-banging, sultry saga of raw vocals and upbeat music.

The Horse and Locomotive

The video, shot in black and white, accentuates the psychological effects of the song and is instrumental in conveying the intensity of the track and the passion of the artists to the viewers. The shots are symbolic and hypnagogic, capturing the audience and leaving a permanent mark in their minds. The Horse and Locomotive are exemplary in keeping their music authentic, thought-provoking, addictive, and conceptually poetic. ‘Holding’ embraces the audience with the wholesomeness of timeless rock and leaves a lasting impact. Having previously produced songs like ‘Trip‘and’The Animal‘, their newest single has been a refreshing addition to their musical repository. To listen to these moreish treats for your ears, check them out on YouTube. You can also stream their songs on Apple Music. Follow them on Facebook for more.

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