Huge Dunk From Zion Williamson Shocks NBA World, But Something’s Up

Getty Image / Sean Gardner

  • Zion Williamson might not play in an NBA game this season following a report that he’s been shut down to continue his rehab
  • Following that report, Zion shocked the NBA world by uploading a 5-second clip of a colossal between-the-legs windmill dunk but there’s something fishy about the footage
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As a society, we are awful at admitting when we’re wrong. It’s something I’ve tried to work on personally over the years so consider this me admitting I was wrong. Going into 2019 NBA Draft, I was extremely confident that Zion Williamson would be a better NBA player than Ja Morant. I was very wrong (at least for now).

It has been nearly a full year since Zion Williamson played in an NBA game. He hasn’t played in a single game this season. And it’s been reported the New Orleans Pelicans shut him down for the season in order to continue his injury and get him back to full health.

The team’s decision to shut Zion down for the season led a lot of people to speculate on the severity of his injuries. That’s a bold move from the team and it seems to imply that he’s in bad shape. To counter that perception, Zion Williamson broke the Internet on Tuesday night with a 5-second clip of a between-the-legs windmill dunk.

It’s an absolutely electric clip that came out of nowhere. But there’s also something fishy about it. See if you can spot what a lot of people are talking about, I’ll explain below…

Zion Williamson Shares Colossal Dunk But Fans Notice Something Fishy About It

Were you watching his feet? What is going on there?

NBA Twitter exploded on Tuesday night when the Zion Williamson dunk clip hit the Internet. But many fans quickly noticed something was up with the floor. Zion’s estimated to weigh 284 pounds.

He’s a BIG guy. But Shaq weighed 324. Plenty of NBA players are / were heavier than Zion. So why exactly is the floor moving? Is that a trampoline pad on the ground? Is it a trampoline court? Is it an optical illusion? Here’s what people are saying about it on Twitter…

Padded floors would explain the height Zion Williamson is getting in the clip…

I’m not sure what to make of this clip. It’s great to see Zion Williamson in the gym throwing down spectacular dunks. And it seems like just yesterday he was playing for Duke and blowing out his sneakers in front of a packed house. Now we’re out here speculating about whether the floor is real…


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