“How’d You Get Your Leg Up So High?”: Son’s Impromptu First-Time High Kick Display Takes MMA Veteran Chael Sonnen by Surprise (Video)

Former professional UFC fighter, Chael Sonnen sets a great example for the youth. The ‘American Gangster’ commands respect from MMA fans for his stint. And also leads a comfortable life away from fighting, with his wife Brittany Smith, and two children, Pria and Thero Sonnen. The UFC analyst who loves to troll Dana White has plenty of time for his fans.

Recently, during a live session, one concerned fan inquired about his son Thero’s future in MMA. However, Thero’s demonstration took the breath away from the MMA expert. Maybe he saw a reflection of himself in his young son.

Chael Sonnen witnessed his son’s talent, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree


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In a recent video on his YouTube channel, the famous MMA expert admits to liking his son’s high kicks. After the proud father witnessed his son’s leg soar in the sky, he smiled out of genuine happiness. Sonnen saw glimpses of a future MMA champion in his son after that majestic showing.

Sonnen said “Never seen that (kick)… Hey come do that kick again! How’d you get your leg up so high?” “Do that again. He’s never thrown a kick before. Whoa! What’s up with that kick?”

He asked, “Where have you been working on that?”

The people’s champion felt good to see his son take to his ways of MMA. And felt pride when he said, “All right, I gotta tell you, I’m actually really impressed.”

However, even Thero himself is keen to improve his craft and become an MMA fighter, like his father. Therefore, time will tell if his son will join the ranks of UFC and bring a title championship to Sonnen‘s name.

Sonnen’s kid wants to bring a title championship to his name

When replying to a barrage of fan comments, Chael Sonnen addressed one that concerned his boy, Thero Sonnen. He asked whether his mom would approve of his MMA career going forward.


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However, instead of answering it himself, the Oregon native asked his better half “Hey Brittney, can Thero fight MMA?”. When his son stepped forward to answer it himself and said,Yes I can. “

Then, the young MMA prospect demonstrated a few punches and kicks in the air. But, Sonnen questioned his enthusiasm and asked “For a championship?” The boy unwaveringly answered, “Yes.”


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Therefore, there are several chances that his son will also grow into a well-oiled machine in MMA.

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