‘Has 2 days. Needs to introspect ‘: Gavaskar’s message for Rishabh Pant | Cricket

Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar feels it is time Rishabh Pant sits down and does some introspection over his batting. While Pant has been splendid for India in Tests, in white-ball cricket, he hasn’t been able to replicate the same success. Coming off his poorest IPL season, Pant has struggled in the three T20Is against South Africa, registering scores of 29, 5 and 6 and more importantly, looked confused and uncertain. With India winning the third T20I by 48 runs, Gavaskar reckons the result would give Pant the opportunity to access where his batting stands at the moment.

“People expect that he will come along and start hitting the ball for boundaries and sixes. That is something, which because of what he has performed over the last 3-4 years, people have come to expect, and therefore there is that disappointment. But what I think he needs to do, is introspect. What happens during captaincy often is that sometimes you are not thinking about your own game. You are thinking about the game of others – bowlers or batters. So you forget that there may be some technical issue with your own batting. And that is what he has to sit down and think. He has got 2 days. First and foremost, he will feel a lot better that India have won. So that little bit of pressure is off. It will give him a little bit of relief and he has got to think about his batting now, “Gavaskar said after the match on Star Sports.

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Gavaskar’s advice to Pant is simple. Try and avoid shots that are leading to his downfall of him. In all three matches, Pant has gotten out, trying his extravagant shots di lui. In Delhi, Pant got out while reaching for a ball. Cuttack was pretty similar as he moved wide off the crease and hit the ball straight down deep extra cover’s throat. On Tuesday in Vizag, pant tried to slog and was out caught. The big shots aren’t paying and Pant is looking out of sorts, which is why Gavaskar feels playing in the V might help Pant, for starters.

“He must think ‘I am getting out hitting deliveries. It is not coming in my arc. I have even moved outside off stump and yet I am not able to do that. So now what do I do? Do I try to make my off-side shots better? Do I have to only look at playing on the on-side? Can I use my power and my timing? Can I start hitting it straight? Or should I hit over extra cover? ‘ And that’s the danger part because that is where you slice the ball. And so unless you really hit it well, you are going to be caught in the deep. Hit the ball straight and he will still get the sixes, “added Gavaskar.

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