Hampshire drink driver said he was ‘lucky’ to have been spared jail

A drink-driver has been told he was “lucky” to have been spared jail after he was found guilty of breaching a court order.

Judge Jane Miller warned Leivi Dewey, 30, he wouldn’t get a second chance after she fined him £200 and banned him from driving for three years.

Dewey, of Harrison Way, Rownhams, was serving an eight-month sentence suspended for a year for theft and robbery.

The order was made on March 10 in punishment of the offenses, which included “grabbing money from tills with a co-defendant”, the court heard.

Prosecuting, John Lloyd-Richards said that on October 6 at around 4.10am Dewey was spotted by officers driving a Mazda more than 20mph over the speed limit in Stanmore Lane.

He did not initially respond to the squad car flashing its lights but eventually came to a stop on Keble Street.

As the officers approached they noticed a drunk woman in the passenger seat and beer bottles in the back of the car.

Asked if he had been drinking, Dewey claimed he hadn’t before “lighting a cigarette and taking a couple of drags”.

An accurate breathalyser could not be obtained at the scene, so Dewey was instead taken to the station where he returned a reading of 40 microgrammes per 100 milliliters of breath – five microgrammes over the legal limit.

Mr Lloyd-Richards said Dewey had 21 convictions for 40 offences.

The court heard he had been unable to complete any unpaid work requirements from his previous sentence due to an ongoing health issue.

Mitigating, his defense said Dewey and his partner look after two children and are on benefits.

In light of their income, and his guilty plea, Judge Miller imposed a reduced £200 fine and ordered £200 to be paid in costs.

His suspended sentence was extended from 12 to 18 months, which Judge Miller said presented an extra “six months of jeopardy” for Dewey should he re-offend.

“You are lucky,” she said. “I don’t intend to activate your suspended sentence. While this was not a pretty episode, it was not the same as your previous crimes. They were far more serious and you had a significant drug habit that you were struggling with at the time . I hope you realize your stupid behavior put your liberty at risk.”

Concluding the hearing at Winchester Crown Court on Friday, November 18, Judge Miller said: “You won’t get this chance again.”

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