GTA Online Glitch Ruins Tennis Match

One unlucky GTA Online player reveals a gameplay clip that reveals an unexpected glitch interrupting a casual tennis match, with humorous results.

Much like its single player counterpart, Grand Theft Auto Online has been a staple of Rockstar’s acclaim for PC and console users since 2013. But despite this, Grand Theft Auto Online cannot reduce the number of random glitch events that occur, often with hilarious and frustrating results.

Thanks to the frequent additions from Rockstar where new and entertaining content is added, GTA Online has seen a lot of updates over the past eight years. The intricate game world of Los Santos is now bursting with world building mini-games for multiple players to immerse themselves in, such as drag racing, stunt races, heists, yoga, and even tennis. Despite the small pool of gamers who unwind by playing tennis matches in GTA Onlinesometimes a sudden glitch can disrupt a match to devastating effect.


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Reddit user AcademicLettuce935 uploaded a gameplay clip revealing just one such glitchy phenomenon, accompanied by the fitting passive-aggressive title “I hate this game.” The short 5-second clip tells viewers everything they need to know, showing a random glitch coupled with a loud metallic crash sound effect that forces the player character to the ground. This glitch results in a failed return serve, making it look similar to other GTA Online glitches where characters randomly die from object collision.

Glitches that are detrimental to the game are frequently updated and patched out, particularly ones that Rockstar deems unfair to other GTA Online players. However, there are still infamous gate glitches and other in-game exploits in effect despite Rockstar’s efforts, and the development team may need to look at the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine to see why GTA Online‘s nebulous glitches persist in 2022. Either way, this short video highlighting a ruined tennis match has gotten close to 3000 upvotes in less than 24 hours, revealing a high entertainment factor nonetheless.

Since millions of players visit GTA Online on a monthly basis, new ways to explore Los Santos are constantly being devised by gamers such as GTA RP servers helmed by popular Twitch streamers. With the continuous influx of players revisiting the game to play, compete, and invent stories with the versatile GTA Online resources, it is inevitable that plays will discover certain glitches and problems through the natural course of gameplay.

Now that GTA Online has been released on PlayStation 5 for new players to re-live or experience for the first time, Rockstar’s legacy continues on strong 8 years after initial release and shows no sign of slowing down. Rumors of GTA 6 on the horizon still persist, but GTA 5 and its online mode support mean Rockstar seems unlikely to let go of its cash cow franchise for the foreseeable future.

Grand Theft Auto Online is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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