Formula 1 | Domenicali takes stock of the 2022 F1 season

Formula 1 |  Domenicali takes stock of the 2022 F1 season

F1 made its technical revolution this year, and Stefano Domenicali was able to draw an initial assessment of the year, during the presentation of the results. The CEO of Formula 1 obviously praised the spectacle on the track, and the struggles in front of the peloton and in it, both between the top teams, but also for the runners-up.

Domenicali particularly insisted on the very good attendance at the Grands Prix this year, with 420,000 spectators over the weekend in Australia, 400,000 at Silverstone, 338,000 for Canada, 300,000 in Austria and 300,000 in Hungary.

The F1 president hailed rising audiences, as well as a « huge growth across all platforms ». The catalyst for F1’s popularity, the Netflix series Drive to Survive has been renewed for a fifth and sixth season. The Italian notably revealed that the fourth season reached the weekly top 10 in 56 countries.

Welcoming Melbourne’s extension and Honda’s sponsorship of the Japanese Grand Prix, Domenicali said the 2023 calendar was being finalized. This is to start marking a geographical breakdown of the races, and it should be released in October.

Environmentally, F1 continues to aim to be carbon neutral by 2030. The new synthetic fuel is already under development with support from key partners including the FIA, Aramco, and technical partners and suppliers.

“Although racing fuel only accounts for 0.7% of our emissions, we believe it is in sustainable fuels that we can have the greatest impact on the global transport sector” clarified Domenicali. For the future, F1 aims to reduce pollution linked to logistics, which is today the main source of polluting emissions in Formula 1.

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