Former MMA Fighter Pursuing Lifelong Love Of Treasure Hunting

A former MMA fighter is exploring his lifelong passion of hunting for treasure on a new show based in his home country of Canada.

Kru Williams took up combat sports in his youth as an outlet for his anger and a means of learning self-defense. “Killa” ended up going on to have a successful career as a professional fighter before retiring to focus on running his gym in British Columbia.

Fighting apparently wasn’t the only thing that Williams fell in love with during his youth, as the former MMA fighter recently spoke to This is BC about a story his uncle once told him about a legendary treasure in his home province.

“He threw out the challenge of a lost gold mine out there,” Williams said. “And I’ve been obsessed with it ever since…Once they start popping up, you get pieces, flakes and nuggets you see why people go crazy over getting gold.”

Williams Hunts For Lost Gold Mine On New Show

Williams’ interest in hunting for treasure may have just started out as a simple hobby, but it’s now led to the former MMA fighter earning a role on the History Channel TV show “Deadman’s Curse.”

“Killa” has taken an interest in treasure ranging anywhere from gems to historical artifacts, but the show description from IMDb notes that “Deadman’s Curse” brings Williams back to the subject that interested him in treasure hunting in the first place.

When he isn’t in the gym, Williams is hunting for gold in British Columbia.

“In Deadman’s Curse, former MMA fighter and prospector Kru Williams and young Indigenous explorer Taylor Starr join seasoned legend hunter and mountaineer Adam Palmer to finally solve the mystery of Slumach’s lost gold mine.”

The former MMA fighter has enjoyed the chance to explore more of British Columbia during his time on the show, and even with a busy schedule that includes training fighters at his gym Williams has no intention of slowing down.

“I can go anywhere, live anywhere, search for anything, anywhere… The kid in me, the inner Peter Pan, wants to keep going. Now I’m looking at doing treasure hunting for the rest of my life.”

What do you think of this story about a former MMA fighter who spends his time hunting for treasure when he’s not in the gym?

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