Fisherman sees diamondback rattlesnake swim in Texas lake

Everyone is trying to escape the heat, even rattlesnakes. A fisherman sent the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department a video of how he saw a diamondback rattlesnake swimming on OH Ivie Lake near San Angelo back in April.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department featured the snake video for its #WildlifeWednesday post on Facebook on Wednesday, August 3. Officials wrote in the caption that most snakes can swim and that they’re not interested in humans. If you leave them alone, they’ll be on their way, officials said.

Blake Barnett told MySA that he thought it was a cool encounter, however, his mom didn’t think so. In the video, Barnett filmed his mother’s reaction, which is how most of us would react if seeing a snake. She shook her finger showing signs that she wasn’t amazed by the snake swimming so close to their boat.

“I’m with her,” g_g_mommy wrote in the Instagram comments for Texas Parks and Wildlife.

“Nope. Nope. Nope,” rickmalik_druryoutdoors commented.

Phoking_kurisu also joked how that’s not the swim noodle you’d like to see in the water. Paige Ross wrote on Facebook how she’ll be staying out of lakes for the rest of her life due to snakes and alligators.

In Texas, the top five snakes you’ll likely see during an active summer season are the Western rat snake, the checkered garter snake, the rough earth snake, the diamondback water snake and the Texas coral snake.

Check out the snake video below:

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