Fans React to Kevin Harvick’s Criticism of the Next-Gen Cars by NASCAR Amid Kurt Busch Concussion Drama

Lately, 23XI Racing driver, Kurt Busch, has been suffering from concussion-like symptoms. According to recent reports, he won’t be racing for the 3rd consecutive time as his condition is still not perfect. Amid all of this, fellow driver Kevin Harvick spoke out against NASCAR’s next-gen cars.

Aside from the 2014 cup series champion, many drivers have been outspoken about NASCAR’s new generation of machinery. Harvick, however, specifically said, “I think when you look at the things that happened with the accidents. I think these are the exact concerns that the drivers had from the very first day we saw the car.”


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He argues that NASCAR has not made the necessary changes to reduce the impact encountered by drivers during a crash. He also adds that the G force on impact feels way different from what it looks like in terms of numbers. Harvick mentions, “It goes straight through the driver’s body.”

Harvick’s concerns are echoed by almost every other driver who has been involved in crashes this season. Hearing about Harvick’s statement, NASCAR fans also lunged out on NASCAR via social media and talked about driver safety.

Fans react to Kevin Harvick’s criticism of NASCAR amid Kurt Busch’s concussion

Fans on Twitter were quick to voice their opinion on what needs to be done. They sided with the driver’s perspective and lashed out at NASCAR for not listening to their needs.

February 16, 2022; Daytona, FL, USA; NASCAR Cup Series driver Kurt Busch (45) during qualifying for the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

While some fans called out NASCAR, some related Kurt Busch’s concussions to that of former driver and Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr. While a few others even brought forth speculations regarding a conspiracy that the crash dummy tests were a gimmick.


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Regardless of what is correct or what is wrong, NASCAR needs to work on the design safety changes along with the feedback from drivers.


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Even though it is agreed that no change can take place overnight and it’s a long process to gather data and apply them into practice. The best thing NASCAR can do is start now and have the improvements implemented before the start of the next season.

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