Every Texas A&M football player who has signed with Aggies so far today

The Texas A&M football team isn’t just shooting for a strong recruiting class – they’re trying to get the number one class in the nation. The Aggies stood around in the top ten for the entirety of the year and after a strong month of November, are flirting with the number one top in the nation.

As things stand, they have that spot.

Jimbo Fisher has done a strong job of getting his guys to sign on national signing day – a yearly landmark that doesn’t always go well for college football teams. It’s going well for the Aggies.

Which notable players have signed with the Texas A&M football team on National Signing Day?

The list of future Texas A&M football players who have officially signed their letter of intent is long, and quite frankly, still missing a few names. As things stand, A&M has seen 23 players sign their names thus far.

It’s technically not over yet, but most of the guys are in. Here’s a full list with short descriptions of the most notable players.

5 * DL Walter Nolen: Nolen is the top defensive player in the country and can immediately fill into an impact role with the departure of DeMarvin leal.

5 * DL Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy: Do you think the Aggies will have another strong defensive line next year? Even with a few key departures, this team will be set on the defensive line, as Brownlow-Dindy was one of the most sought-after recruits in the class as an interior defensive lineman.

5 * QB Conner Weigman: Weigman may be the most important commitment in this class at the quarterback position. Jimbo Fisher mentioned that he’d much rather have this five-star than Quinn Ewers, who seemingly had Texas A&M as one of his top targets in the transfer portal.

4 * DL (Edge) Enai White: While Nolen and Brownlow-Dindy may be higher-rated defensive linemen, White will be able to fill into a crucial edge role with Tyree Johnson gone. As a high four-star, there are only three higher-rated players at this position.

I could go on about every recruit on this list and at some point, I probably will. But for now, this is more of an informative article than an analytical one. Each of the players below is ranked in 247Sports’ top-100 and has signed his letter of intent.

  • 4 * DL Anthony Lucas
  • 4 * S Bryce Anderson
  • 4 * WR Chris Marshall
  • 4 * DL Malick Sylla
  • 4 * OT PJ Williams
  • 4 * TE Jake Johnson
  • 4 * RB Le’Veon Moss
  • 4 * OL Kam Dewberry

These players are not in the top-100 but still hold promising futures in Aggieland after signing their letters of intent.

  • 4 * TE Donovan Green
  • 4 * CB Bobby Taylor
  • 4 * LB Martrell Harris
  • 4 * OT Hunter Erb
  • 4 * TE Theodor Ohrstrom
  • 4 * WR Noah Thomas
  • 4 * S Jarred Kerr
  • 4 * LB Ish Harris

The rest of these Aggie commits are highly-rated three stars with the potential to become diamonds in the rough for Jimbo Fisher. Each one held offers from a handful of elite schools.

  • 3 * DL Jadon Scarlett
  • 3 * OL Mark Nabou
  • 3 * K Ethan Moczulski

What you just read is the best class in college football this year so far. In all likelihood, everybody is signed, but there could be some stragglers. It’s a good time to be a Texas A&M football fan.

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