Drivers vote on their biggest pet peeves on the road in the Royal Automobile Association survey

Tailgating is drivers’ biggest pet peeve when it comes to others breaking the road rules, according to a poll of more than 5500 motorists.
The Royal Automobile Association (RAA) surveyed 5584 South Australian drivers on what behavior they found most annoying on roads in the state.

Tailgating came in as the most annoying behavior, claiming 27 percent of the votes.

traffic lights - different focus
Tailgating came as by far the most annoying behavior in the poll. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Failing to keep left unless overtaking was deemed the second most annoying, with 17 percent of voters choosing it.

The other annoying behaviors were ranked as follows:

  • failing to indicate – 14 percent
  • speeding up in overtaking lanes zones when not overtaking – 12 percent
  • failing to merge properly – nine percent
  • using a mobile phone – seven percent
  • leaving too much space between vehicles at intersections – four percent
  • failing to turn off high beam lights – four percent
  • queuing across intersections – three percent
  • failing to use slow vehicle turn out lanes – three percent

The RAA said it ran the poll to remind drivers to obey road rules.

“All these traffic offenses can also lead to situations in which other drivers can become enraged and end up making poor decisions,” the RAA’s Charles Mountain said.

This is a tricky one.  If you live on a busy road and need to reverse out over unbroken lines to get out of your driveway, can you do it?

Can you reverse out over unbroken lines?

“We obviously need to do more work in helping drivers understand all the road rules and how they work.”

He said the bad driving habits could create serious safety hazards, as well as earn costly fines and loss of demerit points.

Latest figures show more than 5000 motorists have been pulled over by South Australia police for tailgating – resulting in $1.32 million worth of fines – during the past two financial years.

In the same period police figures show 1347 drivers were caught failing to keep left unless overtaking, resulting in 995 cautions and 352 fines worth $124,385.

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