Donald Trump heckled at own golf course for broken swing ‘made in China’

Cheeky golfers have heckled Donald Trump as he played on his own golf course, and his sporting prowess left much to be desired.

After the former US president sent a howler into the water on his own golf course, the hecklers even joked that his drive is ‘shorter than his second term’.

The hecklers, now identified as Jake Adams and his pals, have gone viral for the witty banter hurled at the former president from just meters away at the LIV Golf pro-am at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey, on Thursday 28 July.

A video showing the heckling also shows Trump, wearing his signature MAGA hat, about to swing when Jake can be heard saying: “You built a golf course just to miss this green.”

The former President quips back: “It isn’t an easy one to miss.” Then one of Jake’s pals interrupts his practice shots to say: “That swing looks a little broken, was it made in China?”

The controversial Republican then joins the ‘banter’ again, shouting back: “I don’t know – too much is made in China.”

Another of Jake’s group then shouts ‘what would your followers say if you hit this left’ during Trump’s swing.

When they realize the ball had landed in a pond short of the green, one of the group jokes: “A little short like your second term.”

Donald Trump was heckled for his poor swing. Credit: Kennedy

However, at this point a disgruntled Trump ignores the group and appears to be trying to shrug off the insults, though the golfers claimed the poor shot ‘upset’ him.

Speaking after the event, Jake says he wasn’t nervous to heckle the former President, despite security watching them, and he’s pleased Trump was a ‘good sport’.

The gang are part of the Country Club Adjacent podcast who are on a mission to bring more fun to golfing culture.

The viral video has been seen more than 10 million times since it was posted, with users praising the group’s ‘savage’ comments and how Trump was a good sport.

Jake, from Venice, Los Angeles, said: “He played along, but when he went into the water I think he was upset and walked away. Eric came up to us afterwards and he was laughing.

“It was good that he got involved and we don’t mind getting something back. We’re not political in any way, we’re just all about the jokes.

The former President appeared to laugh off the banter on the course. Credit: Kennedy
The former President appeared to laugh off the banter on the course. Credit: Kennedy

“I’m sure he wanted to hit a good shot in front of us and then turn around and throw it in our faces. That would have been funny.

“I thought I’d be nervous, but I wasn’t. Luckily I knew one of the pro golfers in the group and he eased the tension for us. He was a good sport and I have to say, he’s a pretty good golfer for his age. I’ll give him that.”

Jake and his pals are all comedians based in Los Angeles and were invited by LIV Golf to heckle pro-am players as part of their regular ‘back off challenge’ content.

Jake says the group was checked out by security before Trump’s group arrived at the tee, but luckily the podcasters weren’t seen as a threat.

Their video has now earned more than 9,000 comments with users praising the group’s jokes and Trump for ‘brushing it off like a boss’.

Jake, one of the hecklers, says Donald told the jokes in his stride. Credit: Kennedy
Jake, one of the hecklers, says Donald told the jokes in his stride. Credit: Kennedy

One user said: “This is priceless lol.”

Another commented: “Trump was totally down with some banter. Good on him.”

“At least the man is a good sport about it,” added another.

A third wrote: “Not a Trump fan, but he brushed that off like a boss.”

The LIV Golf pro-am, where both amateurs and professionals can compete, was held a day prior to the event’s professional tournament won by Henrik Stenson on Sunday (31 July).


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