Dillon Danis issues KSI warning ahead of boxing match

Dillon Danis has lashed out at KSI ahead of their scheduled boxing match in January.

For the longest time now, fans have been wondering if and when Dillon Danis would return to combat sports.

He’s probably best known for being one of the best jiu-jitsu practitioners of his generation, but aside from that, he’s also become quite notorious for his friendship with Conor McGregor – pun not intended.

Outside of actually competing, Danis has made a name for himself on social media. Whether it be picking fights with MMA stars or simply flaunting his lavish lifestyle, ‘El Jefe’ has certainly earned a few enemies in his day.

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Now, as confirmed this past week, Danis will lock horns with YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI in a boxing match this January.

Many felt as if it was only a matter of time before he went down this route and when asked for his thoughts on ‘JJ’, Danis didn’t hold back.

Video: Dillon Danis tears into KSI

“That’s easy money to be honest, that’s a little b***h of a thing. I’m used to fighting real fighters, he’s not ready for this. I guarantee you I will knock his ass out, watch. Where is he at right now? Bring him to me right now and see what he got to say to my f***ing face. In a real fight I toss him in af***ing god damn body bag.”

“The f***ed up part is he doesn’t understand – I’m gonna hurt him really bad, bro. This ain’t no joke anymore. I’m not f***ing Anderson Silva that’s 48 years old or f***ing Tyron Woodley. You’ll see.”

KSI currently holds a pro record of 3-0 after winning two fights in one night back in August.

The comeback

Danis returning to some kind of active competition has been a long time coming.

Both of his appearances in mixed martial arts took place under the Bellator banner, with the latest being against Max Humphrey in June 2019.

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He’s always been someone who is incredibly confident in his abilities but within the context of the squared circle, nobody really knows what he’s capable of.

His ground game is the most notable part of his identity and even though KSI may not be the world’s greatest boxer, he has been training in the practice for a good few years.

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