“Did Get Kicked Off…”: Skateboarding Legend Tony Hawk Recalled the Shocking Event at Tokyo Olympics 2020

One may accuse Tony Hawk of being many things, but not entertaining is not one of them. Born in May 1968, he was the one that catapulted the popularity of skateboarding as a sport among people. Tony began his skateboarding journey as a teenager, but his obsession with the sport quickly grew. And so did his popularity. He was known for inventing and perfecting many skateboarding tricks. Also, he was the first person to perform a ‘900’ in front of a camera.

And, even as a man in his late 50s, Tony’s obsession with the sport is far from waning. In fact, such was his contribution to skateboarding that he was chosen to be a commentator for the sport. The 2020 Olympic games cordially invited Hawk to be a commentator for their skateboarding events. And he did go and do his duties, but he also did something that almost got him kicked out.


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Tony Hawk recounts his 2020 Olympics experience

The 2020 Summer Olympics were held in Japan. Although the games were to take place in 2020, the games happened in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. And that also meant stricter guidelines. And, as a commentator for the skateboarding events of the Olympics, Hawk was not allowed to set foot in the Olympic village.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – DECEMBER 03: American skateboarder Tony Hawk performs at the Sydney 500 Grand Finale on the Sydney Olympic Park Street Circuit on December 3, 2010 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

The athletes also would just come at their stipulated date to finish the event and promptly leave. It meant a lot of times the ramp would be left empty. But the Birdman could not control his desire to take his skateboard out.

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Tony’s action brought trouble, as he later recounted on a YouTube video podcast. He saidthe street area is right next to the park, and I roll in with my skateboard, and I’m like, oh, I’m getting it…I get in and start skatingBut, as big of a figure as Tony may be, he has to abide by the rules. And the rules were clear about him not going for a ride on the racecourse. But, the inevitable happened. Tony said,I did get kicked off the street course…”

Tony is a timeless phenomenon


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The belief that the finer things of life, age with absolute perfection, fit well in Tony’s context. For reference, Tony retired in 2003 and is now 54. But his fanbase is strong as ever. When not flipping around, he is doing interviews or is seen promoting his running business. Hawk has a franchise named Birdbox that caters to skateboard enthusiasts specifically.


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He is also a philanthropist and a huge advocate for creating publicly accessible skate parks all around the globe. This star has a net worth of $180 million, marking him as one of the richest Olympians. But, his passion and love for the sport are priceless.

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