‘Definition of Never Give Up, Determination, Discipline’: Vinny Pazienza’s Biggest Comeback in Boxing History Leaves Fans Stunned

The story of Vinny Pazienza was one filled with obstacles and challenges that no mere man could overcome. However, he was no ordinary man as he would rise to the top after being dealt with one of the most brutal injuries ever. In 1991, Pazienza was involved in a car accident in which he suffered a dislocated vertebra and two fractured vertebrae in his neck. The doctors would rule out Pazienza to walk let alone box and claimed that his chances to ever compete were over. However, in the face of adversity, ‘Paz’ would not give in and went on to chase what seemed impossible.

‘Paz’ was able to defy all odds and reclaim his former glory as a world champion. Everyone knows the great comeback story of George Foreman, who stayed inactive for 10 years, just to come back and win the heavyweight title once again. However, Pazienza’s story is not much talked about.

Vinny Pazienza made the ‘greatest’ comeback in boxing history


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In a resurfaced video making rounds on the internet, Pazienza’s story has been perfectly highlighted. The video starts off with an interview of Paz revealing what the doctors told him following his car accident. “They said son you’re never gonna box again and I looked at him and I said, No Dr. Connor you’re wrong. I am gonna box again. You see you don’t understand what kind of man I am,he said.

The video then reveals that Paz would beat all the odds and win three world titles after his injury. Moreover, the caption of the video was also aptly titled ‘Boxing’s greatest comeback’. This was not all as fans were also quick to react to Paz’s amazing and motivational story.

Vinny Pazienza’s comeback leaves fans shocked

One fan touted Pazienza as a warrior whose willpower alone made him do the seemingly impossible. “It takes sheer willpower to overcome your hardest obstacles in life… He was really an example of a warrior who never gave up,they wrote.

Another fan stated that he was indeed ‘The Man’. Referring to his speech to the doctors. “He’s the fu*king man,they wrote.

A fan also stated that he was the epitome of a champion. “Ddefinition of never giving up, determination, discipline,he wrote.


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Moreover, a fan even aspires to be as mentally strong as ‘Paz’. “Dude came back even stronger than his old self. I aspire to be that level of dedicated and hardworking,he wrote.

The fans were certainly in awe of the former champion who is an inspiration for everyone facing hardships in their lives. Moreover, his story was so inspiring that the 2016 feature film, ‘Bleed for This’ starring Miles Teller, was based on his life.


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