Cricket player excelled at football

Richards, who thrilled the cricket world in the 1970s and 80s, also played in the Football World Cup. He participated in the Football world cup before playing the cricket World Cup. Richards made his cricket debut in 1974. He entered the football world cup in the same year. He played football qualifying matches for Antigua in the Caribbean Islands.

But Antigua did not perform as expected in that tournament. First ODI world cup 1975 1979 1983 He participated in ODI World Cups. Another special thing here is that Richards is an idol of Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar. No matter how much Gavaskar encouraged Sachin in his career, Sachin likes Richards. He has said this many times. But many people don’t know that Richards also has a football background.

If he was there, 83 world cup would not have been won by india Everyone knows that india was the winner of the 1983 ODI World Cup. But India scored only 183 in that match. west indies played hard to break it. Richards in particular was aggressive in his style. But kapil dev opened his innings with a wonderful catch. If Richards had creased for a while we would have lost the cup. While playing cricket, there are also cricketers who have played football for many leagues.

But none of them played a FIFA world cup like Richards. Among them England legend Ian Botham Charles Burgess Fry Denis Compton (both England) Australian women cricketer Ellys Perry also played football for clubs. Most of the Indian players are also well versed in the game of football. Former captain mahendra singh dhoni also chose football as a career.


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