Connecting Aaron Rodgers new contract to Tom Brady

Two hundred million dollars!


That’s what it took for the Packers to buy back Aaron Rodgers’ loyalty and commitment in the midst of the Hall of Fame quarterback’s later career wandering eye of uncertainty.

The first thing that came to mind when word of the reigning MVP’s new contract broke was Tom Brady and his divorce from the Patriots.

Actually, the first thing that came to mind was Holy Crap! Then, it was Brady’s divorce from the Patriots, but you get the point.

What does Rodgers’ new deal have to do with Brady? Maybe nothing other than offering up a retroactive comp to put things in perspective.

We all know that it was Brady that got this modern diva QB empowerment movement rolling a couple years ago. Feeling underappreciated in Bill Belichick’s pressure-packed world in New England, Brady stunningly moved on to Tampa Bay in free agency, won a Super Bowl, found contentment and satisfaction and opened the floodgates for guys like Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford and others to feel like there was something more to professional life than maybe a monogamous relationship with a single franchise. Maybe franchise QBs didn’t have to actually remain with a single franchise?

Brady kick started the NBA-ification of the NFL when it comes to franchise quarterbacks. They are all LeBron James now!

But before Brady moved on to greener southern pastures where he was given much more say in how the Bucs franchise was put together, recall that there was reportedly a price to keep Brady in a New England uniform to possibly close out the ageless GOAT’s career.

By all accounts back in and around 2018-2019, Brady wanted a two-year extension worth $ 25 million per season to continue to captain the good ship Patriots. His appreciation, happiness and loyalty of him could be bought and paid for at that time with the same deal that kept Drew Brees in New Orleans to close out his own Hall of Fame career.

But that deal never materialized, at least not in a simple timely form, contentiousness in negotiations grew and Brady shook the world of sports by bolting for the Bucs.

Two years and $ 50 million was all it may have taken to keep Brady in New England. It was what he got in Tampa Bay.

It seemed like a relatively reasonable contract to most at the time.

Now though, in light of Rodgers’ massive new deal just a few years later, it seems like Brady’s price was an absolute Filene’s Basement bargain.

With Green Bay giving its own unsettled leader a deal that reportedly pays $ 50 million per season over the next four years – even with inflation and the fact that Rodgers is admittedly a few years older now than Brady was at his own late-career crossroads – – it’s hard not to look back on the Patriots dealings with Brady in a new light, more distinct light a few years later. Maybe New England never really wanted to keep Brady in Foxborough and Belichick and Robert Kraft were ready to rip off the dynasty Band-Aid and build anew! Or maybe they overplayed their hand and miscalculated Brady’s willingness to move on.

Either way, it now looks like the most notable divorce in modern sports history came about over what now more than ever appears to be a measly amount of money.

It cost Green Bay $ 200 million to buy history, buy loyalty and strengthen legacies.

The Patriots could have purchased the same for a quarter of that amount for a guy with a more trustworthy makeup both on and off the field.

Sure it’s all ancient history and water that’s long gone under the bridge. But it’s hard not to think what could have been, for a half-off Rodgers sale price.

Oh well, it’s now the Mac Jones was in New England. It’s still the Rodgers was in Green Bay. And the Brady era is already over in Tampa Bay.

So there’s that.

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