Club Statement | Cheltenham Town Pitch Incursion | Plymouth Argyle

Plymouth Argyle would like to remind supporters that it is against the law to enter the pitch at any time and these actions could lead to a club ban and criminal record.

It is also important that those playing the game, be that players, fans or officials can do so knowing they are safe and will not be subjected to violent, threatening or antisocial behaviour.

When we should only be talking about our 13th home win of the season, we are having to talk about an incident on the pitch involving a supporter, which brings only negative noise and feeling towards your club.

We are currently undertaking a full review of the incident in conjunction with the police and stewarding contractor.

We have identified the supporter and issued an indefinite ban.

For absolute clarity, the club holds a zero tolerance approach to behavior of this type, and will proactively ensure that any individuals who encroach upon the pitch and/or pose a threat to the safety of any individual inside Home Park are issued the firmest sanctions.

We would like to apologize to Will Goodwin and all associated with Cheltenham Town and thank their players and officials for their professionalism and assistance.

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